Cloud Services – desktop software; a single point of control for your entire telecommunication infrastructure; virtual call centre, hosted email…
Consulting – planning your mobile technology strategy; interpreting your wireless bills…
Hard of Hearing Services – We supply, install and maintain a range of technologies to help those who are hard of hearing connect with others everywhere from shops and offices, to large theatres, auditoriums and sports stadiums. The technologies used connect easily to other voice transmission systems, such as building entries, drive-through windows, checkout counters or ticket windows.
Internet – We have several different corporate and rural Internet options available including fibre optic, cable, satellite and wireless connections.
IP Phone Systems – IP Phone Systems work just like traditional “land line” telephones, but at a fraction of the cost.
Structure Cabling – X-cel Communications can provide our customers with the most functional and cost-effective cabling infrastructure, regardless of the project size.
Voice Services – X-cel Communications offers a wide range of voice services: analog lines, rotary lines, PRI, and SIP lines.